Sunday Message

We will be having service in church and also be recording live and then posting the link the way we have been.

Service on  8/3/2020

Scripture - Psalm 4

Sermon - "No greater value"

Sermon Text - Matthew 13:44-46


Service on 7/26/2020

Sermon - "Wheat and Weeds"

Sermon Text - Matthew 13: 24-43

Beginning of service -

Service on 7/12/20

Scripture reading - Psalm 32

Sermon - "Changed Lives and family"

Sermon Text - Matthew 12:38-50


Service on 7/5/2020

Scripture Reading:  Psalm 47

Sermon:  The unpardonable sin

Sermon Text:  Matthew 12:22-37


Service on 6/28/2020

Sermon:  God's Servant


Sermon - Man of God

Sermon Text - Micah 6:1-8


Let's Dig in to God's Word together

June 14, 2020

Sermon:  Payer over pride, devotion over desire

Sermon Text:  Matthew 12:1-14


June 7 , 2020

Sermon:  Reveal the Son

Sermon Text:  Matthew 11:20-30


May 31, 2020

We will be in Matthew 11:1-19

Sermon:  Great Expectations


We are pleased to be able to share God's Word through our facebook live link. There are still some health concerns so we are not open for in person worship quite yet, however you can still hear the sermon and be part of the weekly Bible studies online.

Let's join together in this safe way to be able to continue to hear what God has laid on Pastor Dominic's heart to pass along to us.

We will let you know when we will resume. 

Go ahead and follow the link below to bring you to the sermon on our facebook page,  get yourself a good seat,  turn up the volume and be prepared to hear what he is being lead to share.  


Sermon:  The Missionary Church


Join us as we look into the book of Matthew


What pleases God? Is it following rules and laws, rituals and traditions? Or something else?


May 17, 2020



May 10, 2020 

Happy Mother's Day


May 3, 2020


Sermon:  Truth and mercy maybe???


April 19, 2020

Sermon:  Does God change his mind?


Easter Service - Live through facebook


Son Rise Service - Live through facebook


Pastor Dominic wil go live at about 10:30 am

Sermon:  Who is this Jesus?

Sermon Text:   Matthew 8:28-34


Sermon:   Do as I say and as I do


You should be able to click on the above link to bring up the sermon.

If it doesn't bring you right to it, you would copy the above link and paste it in your search bar, it should bring it up.


We can all do some self studies at home so we can stay in God's Word.

Take care of yourselves,  stay inside and stay healthy

God bless you all



Stay safe.  God bless you and your families. 


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